Super-Charlie and The Monster Bugs

Super-Charlie’s family is in danger when a swarm of germs invades their house. Could it somehow be connected to the new girl that just moved in to the house next door? Super-Charlie uses his superpowers and needs both Grandma and Grandpa’s help in the fight against these monstrous bugs.

Super-Charlie and The Grandma Mystery

One morning, Super-Charlie’s favourite Grandma goes missing. Once again it is time for Super-Charlie to bring out his superpowers. If only he could get his stubborn x-ray vision to work properly, the investigation would be so much easier.

Super-Charlie and The Plushie Thief

It is the middle of the night and Super-Charlie’s family wakes up to Big Sister crying her eyes out. Her beloved plushie has disappeared. Super-Charlie decides to catch the thief, but it turns out to be more difficult than he expected. It’s a good thing that he isn’t quite like other kids.


In this first book about Super-Charlie we find out how he got his superpowers and get to know his whole family. Super-Charlie practices his first superpower when he discovers that he can fly. So when Big Brother gets into trouble its Super-Charlie to the rescue!

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