Food, Feast & Love

Whenever crime queen Camilla Läckberg and star chef Christian Hellberg meet up, they nearly always end up cooking together, after which they invite their families and almost everyone they know.

Camilla and Christian are childhood friends with a large mutual circle of friends. Through the years they have cooked for various occasions, from friendly get-togethers to cosy holiday dinners with the kids to fancy New Year’s Eve parties. Taste and joy are main ingredients, whether it is a big or a small feast. In their new personal cookbook they invite us to a girly dinner at Camilla’s house, to a barbecue on the dock and to the preparations ahead of Camilla’s wedding, just to mention a few.

The food that they serve is easily prepared and fresh, with clean, clear flavours. Here you will find exciting finger foods, salads, meat-, fish- and seafood dishes, bread, desserts and cocktails – simply lots of inspiration to get together and enjoy food in each other’s company.

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