When the body of a woman is found in a box outside an iconic amusement park in Stockholm police are baffled. The body has been run through by a number of swords and the whole thing looks like a macabre magic trick. At the end of her rope, detective inspector Mina Dirabi sees no other way but to seek help from an unlikely ally.

Mentalist Vincent Walder suffers from mild aspergers and anxieties. He is none too pleased when inspector Dirabi asks for his help on the case. Despite his better judgment Vincent is drawn in as soon as he sees the pictures. Something in the photos calls to him and to the dark childhood secrets he thought he had left behind.

In the three stand alone thrillers Box, Cult and Mirage we follow our brilliant yet broken main characters as they deal with ruthless serial killers with a penchant for magic tricks, dangerous cults who prey on the vulnerable and devious murderers with multiple personalities.

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