Flavours From Fjällbacka

Two things unite Camilla Läckberg and star chef Christian Hellberg; they both hail from Fjällbacka and they both share a passion for cooking and eating, which has now resulted in a mutual dream project – a cookbook that is a tribute to the Fjällbacka of their childhood and the food that they associate with life on the West Coast. They have returned to all their favourite haunts and cooked on location among islets, boathouses and fishing boats.

In Flavours from Fjällbacka they share their favourite recipes – ranging from seafood dishes to simple picnic food and delicious desserts. The book is divided into seven chapters – each one prefaced by Camilla Läckberg. The recipes have been put together by Christian Hellberg who became Chef of the Year in 2001. His love for the West Coast can be seen in his selection of fish- and seafood recipes. How about Carpaccio on halibut with a citrus salad, or herb-fried angler with a red onion and spinach salad? The food of the West Coast is as tasty as the nature is beautiful. Allow yourself to be swept away with Niklas Bernstone’s wonderful photographs! Let yourself be inspired and invite your friends for dinner!

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