The last installment in Läckberg and Fexeus’ pulse-pounding trilogy about the odd investigative duo Vincent and Mina. It’s December in Stockholm and Sweden’s Minister of Justice is under threat. At the same time, a pile of human bones is found down in the Stockholm subway and the skeleton appears to be from a successful financier. […]


After ”Trapped” comes ”Cult” – the second installment in Läckberg Fexeus’ suspense series about the odd couple of investigators Vincent and Mina. When a little boy goes missing from a preschool in Södermalm, Stockholm, police inspector Mina Dabiri and her colleagues are once again put to the test. They immediately find similarities with another child […]


When the body of a woman is found in a box outside an iconic amusement park in Stockholm police are baffled. The body has been run through by a number of swords and the whole thing looks like a macabre magic trick. At the end of her rope, detective inspector Mina Dirabi sees no other […]

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