Flavours From Fjällbacka

Two things unite Camilla Läckberg and star chef Christian Hellberg; they both hail from Fjällbacka and they both share a passion for cooking and eating, which has now resulted in a mutual dream project – a cookbook that is a tribute to the Fjällbacka of their childhood and the food that they associate with life […]

Food, Feast & Love

Whenever crime queen Camilla Läckberg and star chef Christian Hellberg meet up, they nearly always end up cooking together, after which they invite their families and almost everyone they know. Camilla and Christian are childhood friends with a large mutual circle of friends. Through the years they have cooked for various occasions, from friendly get-togethers […]

The Scent of Almonds and Other Stories

THE SCENT OF ALMONDS AND OTHER STORIES is a collection of short stories from the No.1 international bestseller Camilla Lackberg. Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo. Four unmissable stories set in the Swedish fishing village of Fjällbacka and told in Camilla Läckberg’s distinctive voice. The Scent of Almonds A snowstorm traps a […]

Women Without Mercy

Three women. Three destructive marriages. Ingrid gave up a promising career to support her husband. Then she finds out he’s having an affair. Birgitta is skipping her medical appointments. That way no-one will discover the bruises her husband leaves. Victoria left her life in Russia to marry a man she met online. But her new […]

Truth or Dare

Four friends Liv, Martina, Max and Anton have been best friends for years. So on New Year’s Eve, they’re more than happy to spend it together – drinking, flirting, and playing games. Four terrifying secrets But each of them is keeping a terrible secret. And when a game of truth or dare takes a dark […]

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